First, a collection letter. Later, foot-washing, cows, cashmere and oranges, the beginning of thefts, hiding, secrecy, more letters. These "Other Works" are not Account of My Days. That is one common feature. They were published as chapbooks. Another commonality. To me, what they signify as a group is friendship. Many friends helped and advised me in the process of writing the poems and making the books. I listened closely to some of their advice and, from the evidence of what was produced, not too closely to the rest of it. I am grateful for all.

A couple of facts about these collections. The following notice appears in the front papers of Standing Where Something Did:

"Atlee Mullett's Experience" and "Uria Byler's Elegy for Palmer Lehman" are manipulated found poems from the Amish newspaper The Budget, Sugarcreek, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. "Herbal" was constructed, in part, from entries in A Modern Herbal (Dover, 1971).

Also, The Sad Mailbox is a reprint of Letters, with some new material. Rather than repeat the earlier pieces, I limited this realization of The Sad Mailbox to the five additional letters.

These "others" preceded and overlapped with the beginning stages of Account of My Days. In some ways, everything on this website is part of one project. I do think, though, that each of the chapbooks has its own character and that, as a group, they form their own distinct zone within that project.